We¬†as ABAP developer want to do some debugging with specific user. For instance there is an bug related to Standard Fiori Timesheet application, the user cannot input the timesheet for one or two day in periode of time. That’s why we need to login as specific user from fiori then we can debug from backend-side of SAP.

Usually we put some external debug point then after the action triggered from Fiori apps, the debug show up in screen.

But sometimes the Authorization team are not allowing us to do that. Normally the debugging role only allowed in development client. Not on Assurance or even on Production client.

  • Whenever we put external debugging point with user that have no debugging role the message error will be,

“User xxx is not authorized for debugging”

The idea is we need to intercept the standard external debugging point right before the message error appears.

  • Go to function module: SUSR_CHECK_DEBUG_ABILITY

set internal debugging point at line 120

  • Now set external debugger as user we want. The debug screen will appears. Then change the sy-subrc value from ‘3’ into ‘0’

Now the external debug point are set to the user.