I’ve already member of github for so long. But never have I wrote any good repository on my github account. Mostly because me, as a developer didn’t have a time to working on a good documentation.
I know that was wrong but now I must get rid of that laziness behavior, by creating my first ‘good’ repository.
Which is I must write a good documentation (readme.md file) in order to be understand well enough by the other.
Since I am not that good in grammatical this is a serious challenge for me.

But then the other problem comes up. I am not aware that writing on Github using Markdown.
As stated by github,

Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, which then converts to valid HTML for viewing on GitHub

Instead of read till the end of paragraph from Markdown-Basic , I try to search the webapps to accomplished my needs.
After a few tools that I’ve found that I am falling for Dillinger.io Online Markdown Editor.

11-29-2015 1-33-10 PM

The simple User Interface with two column layout, the left-side as the editor and the right-side as the preview screen makes me comfortable writing some readme.md file.
The method I am using by following the template that have been written by default on the left-screen then I just editing some stuff with my words.
I don’t need to remember how to Indent, how to create list, how to create a link, or how to create some console command looks. It’s already been there.
All you need is your word to change the default text and removing some text that you don’t need.